Twinkle, twinkle my little man

13 Mar

Funny how bedtime rituals come about. And how they just stick.

It started even before he was born. I used to play music on my ipod and I’d hold the speakers up to my belly so he could enjoy the music along with me. When I was six months pregnant, my husband’s friend had extra tickets to a Dave Matthews concert which he was trying to get rid of. DMB is one of my favorite bands, so of course I called up one of my friends and she and I went and sang, danced and then spent 2 hours in traffic trying to get out of the parking lot and on the road home. It was definitely worth all the effort – inside of me baby boy was dancing along and I could tell he would be a music lover for life.

At my baby shower, one of my aunts gave me a 4-disc CD collection of baby lullabies. I never realized how many times I would play the first disc.

Once our little man got past the nighttime feeding and diaper changes stage, and he started sleeping through the night in his crib, I began using the lullaby CD in a mini CD-player I had set up near his crib. After the splish splash of getting clean and reading waterproof baby books in the tub, we’d brush teeth and head off to the nursery.

First thing I would do was flip on the CD player and press play.

A clean diapee followed by a mini massage using baby lotion on his sweet smooth skin, then I’d snuggle him up in cuddly-soft pajamas and zip up his sleep sack. We’d rock in the glider, me singing the lullabies to him while he guzzled his last bottle of the day down. Then I’d hand him his lovie blankie and paci, kiss him on the forehead whisper “night-night” and gently place him in his crib.

The music would play softly on the monitor for another twenty minutes before the room would go quiet.

This routine went on and on until he was about eighteen months or so. Instead of the lullaby CD, we’d just cozy up in the glider, read books together and then and sing the song together. Our bedtime song became “Twinkle, twinkle” and he began to look forward to it every night. So did I.

He’s turning four years old in September and we still sing our song before every {not happening lately} nap and bedtime. And every time I sing it to him the same exact thoughts run through my head.

Twinkle, twinkle little star

{Wow. We made this little man.}

How I wonder what you are

{I wonder what he’ll be when he grows up.}

Up above the world so high

{If those eyelashes of his grow any longer, they’ll touch his forehead}

Like a diamond in the sky

{I am so proud of him. I feel so lucky to be his Mommy.}

I wonder what lullaby will become baby girl’s nighttime song ritual.


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