Five Things Friday

27 Apr

I’ve been lacking inspiration lately, so I decided to take a few days off from blogging and Twitter to re-group. Joy from Joy the Baker – one of my favorite baking blogs – had some great suggestions for post ideas, so I thought I’d run with one of them today and do a simple list of five of my favorite things lately.

  1. The HydraCoach water bottle – A few months ago I was waking up with headaches and was pretty sure it was because I was not drinking enough water during the day. A friend had pinned this and I decided to bite the bullet and just pay the $27 to get one so that I’d know exactly how many ounces I was taking in and I have got to say – it was totally worth it. It’s now a game for me to see if I can get past my goal of 59 oz before the end of the day. The headaches are gone and I am fairly certain it was due to upping my H2O intake. I’d say it was a good investment.
  2. Picked up Bloom at the library this week and I haven’t been able to put it down. Kelle’s ability to pour her heart and soul out in words on paper, on her blog, and in the gorgeous photographs throughout the book is amazing. Such a beautiful story about learning how to love again. Can’t wait to finish it to return it to the library so that another person can enjoy it was much as I am.
  3. – when we started juicing last week, I began searching for organic food markets in our area. Unfortunately, we don’t have one in our town, but there is a Whole Foods store about 30 minutes away. They were advertising a free weekly class on plant-based eating, so I called and asked if I could join in. It was a two hour class – half lecture, half cooking demonstration. I learned how to cook lentils and how to make an easy and very yummy mango lime sorbet. While I was there, I picked up some organic granola, plain fat-free Greek yogurt, raw organic honey, and blueberries and threw them together the next day for a post-workout snack. YUM.

    I am in love with their website because it has a TON of awesome recipes which are rated by users and people comment on how to adjust or alter the recipe, which is really nice. My favorite thing about it is that it has a virtual recipe box, so you can save ones you’d like to try without having to print them all out.

  4. The healthier eating habits our family has started to adopt over the past week since we bought the juicer.I’ve been slowly transitioning the kids off processed foods, and we are eating so much more of the healthy stuff – fresh fruits and veggies – than we used to in the past. I’m making a fresh veggie juice every morning which I split with my husband. He takes it to work to drink mid-morning and I have it usually when I’m out on the go with the kids before lunchtime.

Although he’s been slower than me to adapt to this big change, he’s starting to get into it more each day. Last weekend he made a vegetarian chili from scratch which was absolutely delicious. My sweet tooth has diminished significantly since jamming my diet with plant-based foods, but I did have a craving yesterday for chocolate chip cookies. So the kids and I ended up making a small batch with organic Spelt flour and agave nectar instead of sugar and they turned out pretty good if I don’t say so myself. I do want to keep the 5 pounds I’ve lost off though, so I need to keep my cookie-eating to a minimum. Which takes me to my next thing…

5. The 30-Day Shred– This video was created by Jillian Michaels in 2008, and man, do I wish I would have found it back then. It’s a 20-minute workout which is divided into three circuits: cardio, strength, and abs. What I love about it is that you’re never doing one exercise for more than sixty seconds. I can do anything for 60 seconds, so it goes by so incredibly fast for me. {Bought it on Amazon for $4.99 and play it on my laptop while blaring Katy Perry radio on Pandora via the ipad. I can only take so much of Jillian, if you know what I mean.}

I’ve been making it a habit to do it every afternoon around 3:30pm which is when the kids wake up from their naps. I give them a snack and they’ll sit and watch me do it, sometimes even getting in on the fun themselves too. {My daughter is hilarious when she does a push-up. She squats down, puts her hands on the floor in front of her feet, and kisses the carpet. Love it!}

I feel stronger, and think that I can definitely see a difference in my arms. My waist feels like it’s firming up, and overall I just feel good. I’ve only been doing Level 1, but am planning on moving up to Level 2 in May. The goal is to do Level 2 in May, Level 3 in June, and then maybe move on to do P90X in July.

So there you have it folks, the Five Things I’m Lovin’ on this Friday.

Happy Weekend everyone!!!


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