Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

12 May

I can totally relate to Kim’s confession today. Mine is similar. In honor of Mother’s Day tomorrow:

Six years ago I thought there was no way in hell I’d recover from the deep depression and crippling anxiety I was feeling, day after day, to start a family with my husband. Was ready to give up on the dream of being a mother because I thought I just couldn’t do it. I was too sick.

I am so thankful that I didn’t give up. I am so thankful that I fought like crazy, albeit not without many tears and mopey naps on the couch, but I battled my illness for a good year and a half until I was able to slowly and steadily climb out of the trenches to realize that there was hope. I am so thankful that my husband did not give up on me. I am so thankful that my family stuck by me and was there to listen to me cry when I needed to {which was pretty much daily}. I am so thankful that my doctors were able to figure out the best medication to get me back to my normal. I am so thankful that my friends did not turn their backs on me when they found out I was suffering from a mental illness. I am so thankful that I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Because if I wouldn’t have been able to, I wouldn’t have been able to see this:

My little blogger-in-training. :)

But seriously, my kids are the single BEST thing that has ever happened to me {aside from marrying the love of my life, of course}. These kids make me laugh {constantly}, challenge me {hello, potty-training, anyone?}, and push me to become a better person because I want them to look up to me. I sometimes have to stop and stare at them. I think to myself, “Wow. This little incredible person is half me and half my husband, and together, we made him and her. We made these little miracles. Just, WOW.”

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and Postpartum Progress will be featuring a letter an hour, for all 24 hours of Mother’s Day, written by moms. It is, as Katherine Stone, the rally’s creator, put it: “a 24-hour celebration of the importance of emotional health for new mothers on Mother’s Day.” And I am honored to be a part of this fantastic online support network. And I really hope you stop by tomorrow to read.

Happy Mother’s Day {a day early}! I hope you, like me, will celebrate all. weekend. long. We deserve it.

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2 Responses to “Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday”

  1. Kimberly M (@momgosomething) May 14, 2012 at 7:46 pm #

    I am so glad that you kept fighting too.
    You’re worth it to so many people myself included :) xox

    • BipolarMomLife May 14, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

      You are worth it too, Mama. We gotta keep fighting because life is worth it. :) xoxo

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