Five Things Friday

18 May

I’ve been trying to cook vegetarian and vegan foods over the past few weeks in an effort to rid our family of processed foods at home and eat healthier as a whole. One of my blog friends recently saw one of my Instagrams and asked for the recipe, therefore, this FTF is dedicated to recent recipes and blogs I’ve found which have inspired me along during my adventures in vegetarian cooking.

  1. Vegan Yum Yum – Eggplant & Pine Nut Rolled Lasagna – I only had no-boil noodles in our pantry, so I did a layered version instead. It came out FANTASTIC!! I will definitely make this recipe again. LOVED it. Even the next day for leftovers it was delish.

  2. Pickles & Honey – Fruit pulp Mini Muffins – Her blog is so creative. She comes up with such yummy recipes, I’m eager to try them all. Since discovering her blog I have made these fruit pulp muffins twice and they are so perfect for a snack on-the-run. I added raisins and the kids love them too.

  3. CreateLiveBlog – Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies – I was just curious to try making these, since I had found the idea online. The peanut butter in the “batter” makes them taste like peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, which is even more tasty to me that plain on choc chip. These only lasted a few days in our house. Will definitely make these again. Super easy, fast and healthier than your average cookie.

  4. Cookin’ Canuck – Vegetarian Mushroom & Cannellini Bean Ragout – was searching for a Three-Bean Salad recipe to use a can of Cannellini beans I had in the pantry, when I stumbled upon this blog. Love her ideas and can’t wait to try more. I had to substitute a few things in this recipe, but for the most part stuck with the ingredients it called for and it was so delicious. My daughter had two bowls of it!!

  5. Happy Herbivore – Black Bean Brownies – My sister-in-law told me you could make black beans into brownies, but I was skeptical. I found this recipe and went to it while the kids napped. They were good, but I think they could be improved upon with some tweaking. I added dark chocolate chips to the batter and I think that is what did it for me, but I might try some other alterations next time I bake these. Just like the cookies, for me this is just a much healthier way to curb my cravings.

    Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



One Response to “Five Things Friday”

  1. Amanda (@PicklesNHoney) May 18, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    I’m so glad your family liked the fruit pulp muffins! It’s nice to have a good use for the leftover pulp instead of just tossing it. :)

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