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WW: Watering

17 Apr


Got out in the sunshine today and watered our veggie plants brought home from Home Depot this weekend that have yet to be planted.

Happy Wordless Wednesday, folks!


Happy Birthday, G! {Wordless/Wordful Wednesday}

20 Mar



Back when “Don’t Carpe Diem” went viral via Glennon Doyle Melton’s blog Momastery and the Huffington Post, I spent the next week staying up late every night, reading the archives of her blog and I’m so glad I did.

She is one hell of a writer who I had the pleasure of meeting randomly last year at our local swim school. After helping my son pull on his goggles and ushering him off to his swim coach, I went to sit down in the parent’s viewing room with my 2-yr old daughter and looked to my left as a pretty mom was about to sit down in the empty seat next to us.

In a surprised (and almost giddy) voice I said, “Are you Glennon?” knowing the answer before she even had a chance to reply.

“Why yes, yes I am!” she replied with a warm smile.

“I’ve read your blog!” I said cautiously, not sure whether or not I should admit to how much of a huge fan I was of her writing. “I love it.” Realizing later I could have said, “I’ve read your life,” that is how incredibly honest she is.

We talked for the next twenty-five minutes while our kids swam (hers crying through the lesson mostly.) And she hugged me when we said goodbye.

I called one of my best friends, Stephanie, on the way home because I couldn’t contain my shock and excitement.


Happy 37th Birthday, G. You are inspiring, uplifting, brave, brutally honest, and hands-down, one of my favorite writers. Carry On, Warrior!


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WW: Daddy’s girl

20 Jun

This is the dance we shared on my wedding day, almost nine years ago. I chose the song “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle and my Daddy surprised me with a big screen playing a slide show DVD of images from my childhood up through college graduation. I choked back tears the whole time, but as hard as I tried to keep it together, I wasn’t able to make it through the dance with dry cheeks. It was the most special thing anyone has ever done for me.

I have always been a Daddy’s girl. And I will always be. I love my father fiercely. There is no one in this world who better understands me than my dad. Probably because I inherited my mother’s Type A personality and tendency to go from calm to super irritable and –  dare I say? – bitchy {sorry, Mom, but you know that’s how we get sometimes}  in mere seconds.

Anyway, when I first got sick, it rocked his world.

I know this because I have read his account of what happened when I had to be hospitalized.

I asked him to write it it down for me and as difficult it must have been for him to honor my request, to go back deep {because I’m fairly certain he had buried it away} in his memory and relive it, he did it.

It starts with, “How your world can change with a simple phone call.” and he goes on to document what happened on the night that I called him when he and my mom were at a dinner party with their friends, while I was going completely manic on the other end of the phone, over a thousand miles away.

I’m planning on including it in my memoir. I think it would be incredibly valuable, coming from a different perspective than just the person experiencing the episodes of bipolar disorder.

This is what is on my mind on this Wordless{ful} Wednesday. How much I love my father and how he means the world to me.



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Wordless Wednesday: Loving her lovie

13 Jun

Both my kids have lovie blankets which they sleep with for naps and bedtime. Never has my daughter been more attached to hers than this past week when teething {four canines piercing the gums at once} got the best of her.

So I let her have it 24/7 and it seemed to help make her feel better. She does this thing with the corners of it where she pokes the corner knots into her ears and traces her cheeks with them. I love how she self-soothes, it just melts my heart with the cuteness of it.


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Wordless Wednesday: Play-doh

6 Jun

Forgot how fun this stuff could be until we pulled it out again a few days ago. Baby girl’s first time.

First taste too, despite the paci in her mouth. Yuck. Only takes one time, right?

Let’s hope. :)


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Wordless Wednesday: Down on the Farm

30 May

 {baby girl, hair blowing in the wind, on the family farm in Wisconsin}

We got home on Monday afternoon from a six-day trip to visit family in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The kids did really well overall, despite the nap-strike our son decided to go on for the first three days. Once he gave in to the rest he so desperately needed, his tantrums practically disappeared and he was a much more fun kid to be around.

We spent the first three days visiting my husband’s aunt, uncle, grandmother and cousins in a small town in Wisconsin. They live on a farm, and the kids had a blast checking out the cows and chickens, and riding on uncle’s two tractors. Then it was off to Minnesota for my husband’s cousins’ wedding which was just lovely. It was very hot – had to have been 95 during the ceremony which was in a beautiful park beside a lake – but it was a short service and then it was over to the restaurant for the reception in the A/C.

I must admit, I was kindof definitely not looking forward to traveling with two kids under the age of 4, but it was such a fun trip that I can say now that I’m not as scared of these types of family vacations anymore. That being said, we did fly, and only had to drive the 4 hours between Wisconsin and Minneapolis, which was not bad at all. Our family beach reunion in August {in Hilton Head, SC} is going to be a completely different story given the fact that we cannot afford to buy 3 plane tickets so we’re driving the 10 hours {that’s not including any stops, which I’m sure we’ll have to make one at the very least for a bathroom break}. For that trip we are planning on driving through the night so that {fingers crossed} the kids will sleep for most of it.

I’m just glad that we had a good trip and got to see family who we only usually see once a year {if we’re lucky}. Wish I would have taken more pictures looking back, but there’s always next time. Now I just need to dig out from 7 loads of dirty laundry. This should only take a few days…


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Wordless Wednesday: Her curls

9 May

Her wispy, soft curls seem to extend further down her chubby little neck every day. I vow to never cut them. Until she’s at least 6.


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WW: Off to feed the ducks

2 May

There is this Wildlife Sanctuary near our house that my husband found a few years ago. He likes to take our son there sometimes on the weekend to wear him out before his nap. {It’s quite effective, I must admit.} This past weekend, they let us girls in on the secret, taking us there at sunset to walk the bridge and feed the ducks at the end.

I love that my husband takes the time to find special places like this. I love even more that he shares these experiences with our kids.


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