The Show

The show was created one summer night in July of 2013, when two friends who were brought together in this universe for a reason took a leap of faith.


The show will function as a platform for people with something positive to say about living with ‪mental illness. It’s time we bring mental health issues into the spotlight because they’ve been in the dark too long. This is an effort to encourage people to be brave and to not be afraid to speak their truth. I envision the show will include readings of personal essays, original music performances and also poetry. Everyone has a story and I’m positive there will be incredible tales of inspiration and hope shared through this mental health production.

Auditions will be held in February of 2014 (only 7 months from now!). Follow the blog for details as they emerge.


The show will debut in mid-May, 2014 in Washington, DC.


I'd love to hear your take. Comments make me happy!

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